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What First Star Means to Me…

Quotes from past Scholars

It means that I can be successful. I am not a statistic. What First Star means is a better opportunity for me to achieve my goals, advocacy for youth in care success in and out of college. First Star means hope for the children in care to be able to become something other than a statistic and learn from the setbacks. I am interested in going to an HBCU and majoring in law or nursing.

First Star means family, a place you can trust one another and love each other. Before First Star I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come, now I am glad I did.

First Star means the world to me because I finally got the family that I was never able to have, I finally received love from people. I also want to be something in life instead of giving up. My favorite memory at the 2017 summer academy was being able to find someone in the world that cares about me, and that’s the whole First Star family.

 It means family, life long memories, skills to achieve, goals, and great opportunities. Before First Star I didn’t want to go to school, but now I want to go to college.

First Star means a lot to me because it has showed me that I am college material. I always wanted to go to college, but people have told me I can’t because I’m worthless. A lot of us really didn’t have a childhood and didn’t get to do certain things and First Star gave us a lot of opportunities. They encouraged us to do our best and reach our goals. My favorite memory at the 2017 summer academy was all the amazing participants.

The program gave us a lot information we need to know for high school and college.

First Star is now a part of me. I feel like I’ve grown so much these past few weeks. I am very thankful for meeting everyone here, and the experience wouldn’t have been as good without them. I feel like I’ve created a second family and it will forever have a place in my heart. The college coaches, interns, guest speakers, and teachers have guided me so far along the way, and I’ll never forget how big an impact you’ve all had on my life. Without this program I honestly don’t know what life would be like. I would’ve been missing out on so much, I’ve gained new skills and relationships, and I love everyone here. I just loved the entire experience so much.

What First Star means to me is family, they treated me like someone who is important. It is teaching me how to be better as a person.My favorite memory at the 2017 summer academy was just the overall fun experience.

I think First Star is important because 1) New friends 2) Preparing for college 3) Dorm experience 4) Refresh skills and 5) New family. I have gained new habits such as waking up early and coping with annoying people, and staying fun, chill, and friendly. Before First Star I was funny and weird, now I’m funny and cool.

First Star gives the kids a chance to do something with their lives; helps us become a family. Before First Star I was unhappy and angry, now I am happy with my life.