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FAYS (Foster and Adopted Youth Scholars)

FAYS (Foster and Adopted Youth Scholars) Reports and Publications *Funded by the Spencer Foundation

Youth and young adults spend time in foster care are among the most underrepresented groups of students on college campuses nationwide with college completion rates ranging from 4-6%. Dr. Doris M. Houston and Dr. Christopher Gjesfjeld are collaborating with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to implement an on-line survey, which examines the social, emotional, and academic factors most predictive of success in college among students receiving DCFS services. Additional FAYS activities include:

  • Together Creating Community Student Affinity Group at ISU
  • Legislative advocacy (student tell their story to legislators and policy makers)
  • Partnership with IDCFS, ISU University College, ISU Housing
  • Fall reception for ISU students who are members of the foster care and adoption community

Taking the fight for scholarships to the capital